10 Tips From a Pro on How to Run a Marathon Successfully

postRunning a marathon is one of those challenges that many people strive to attain at least once in their lifetime. I firmly believe anyone can train to run a marathon successfully. However, after running several marathons myself I think there are a few key tips that will greatly increase your chances of running one successfully.

Tip #1 – Pick An Easy Course

26.2 miles is going to be a hard enough challenge on it’s own. Unless you truly are a real glutton for punishment, try to pick a course that’s pretty flat and avoid courses with hills as much as possible Also, courses known for being scenic or have some kind of entertainment can be helpful for distracting you along the way.

Tip #2 – Give Yourself 4-6 Months of Training

Think about whether you can focus on a goal for that long. Do you for-see any upcoming life changes that may happen while you are in the midst of training? I’ve learned from experience that it is really hard to keep focus on the end goal (running a decent marathon) when the family is

Marathon Races – Tests the Skill and Determination of an Individual

[SCM]actwin,-185,-257,847,489;Berlin Marathon, 2006 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Mozilla Firefox firefox.exe 11.08.2008 , 01:29:41Marathons are the longest running events in the history of sports. There are several variants to these running events and they also happen over a period of one day. Every nation in the world has its own version of marathon races. The official distance of a marathon race is 42.195 kilometres or 26 miles and 385 yards. This is a standard set by the various world athletic bodies. A 21 kilometer running ace is also called half marathon. The last type of marathon is called the dream run which is a 7 kilometer race. Its takes a great amount of skill and determination to run a complete marathon.

The marathon is also a modern event that was officially recorded form 1896. Over a period of time there have been several notable athletes who have competed, won and created world records. The official record for marathon races stands at 2hrs 3minutes and 38seconds by Patrick Makau in the men’s category and 2hrs 15minutes and 25seconds by Paula Radcliffe in the

Setting Goals For Your Running Program

postMany runners begin running for physical exercise and a greater sense of well-being only to learn that running program is also a great way to meditate. It becomes a regular part of your routine and everyday spiritual practice. As you gain greater confidence in your running capabilities, you might consider joining a running group or trying some of the local running clubs training runs. Many people who thought they weren’t good enough to run with others progress to wanting to run a couple of local road races.

I believe that most runners benefit as much psychologically from running as physiologically. Recognize the true payback of an overall running and training program and then pursue this endeavor with the knowledge that injury-free running will provide lifelong fitness and a better quality of life.

To establish your personal fitness goals, think about what you intend to accomplish. Pick an audacious goal, something way out there such as competing in a local 10k race, improving your individual time by 10 percent, or dropping that weight you’ve been carrying. Then set several immediate goals to give you something to

Mizuno Wave Running Shoes

Maybe youve heard about Mizuno Wave running shoes but you are not sure whats with these shoes and what make them so popular. Well, Mizuno is a popular brand of sports equipment and sportswear. In fact, Tiger Woods used Mizuno sports equipment like the golf clubs when he was in college. Mizuno provided a very good quality of sports products, especially running shoes, and they managed to stay on the business for over a hundred years with their continuous research and innovation. Today, Mizuno uses a technology called Mizuno wave, which is used as the cushioning system on their running shoes.

Mizuno Wave is widely used on Mizuno running shoes because it provides the perfect combination of motion control and cushioning. If you would notice, most running shoes have flat midsole for their cushioning; Mizuno wave on the other hand, has a wave-like plastic midsole which allows the impact to travel along this wave. This technology helps minimize pronation and provides optimum shock absorption.

Most types of Mizuno running shoes use the Mizuno wave technology. Some of them are neutral running shoes like Mizuno Wave Creation 11 running shoe, which is engineered for the runner with medium-to-high arches for maximum

Marathon Training – A Beginner’s Guide

Finishing a marathon is an accomplishment that less than one percent of individuals in the world can claim. For those who aim to join that small yet distinguished group, the following is a beginner’s guide to marathon preparation.

Getting Ready: Motivation, Goals, and Gear
The first and arguably most important step in preparing for a marathon is finding a source of motivation that will carry through the long weeks of training and into those final miles on race day. Developing a proper mindset and staying motivated will ensure an enjoyable training experience and a successful race.

Identifying goals can be a great motivator, but only if they are the right goals. Those who attempt marathon training only to lose weight are likely to quit long before the starting gun, just like so many well-meaning individuals who join health clubs as part of a New Year’s resolution but have stopped going to the gym by February. First-time marathoners should instead focus upon objectives such as finishing the race, running the entire course, or a desired finish time.

One of the best sources of motivation and goal-setting are charity marathons, in which proceeds are donated to causes like cancer research or local non-profit organizations.

Save Money on Purchases for Your Fitness Business

There are a number of different business that people own around the united States. Oftentimes, when people are into working out and staying healthy, they will decide to start a business that is focused on that. Whether it be a gym, yoga studio or personal training, you will need to have an office where you keep your files and business information. This location may even be the primary location for your business. This means, you will need to purchase office supplies, forms, checks and other things that business owners find important to ensure the success of their company.

Like most of the purchases people make, business or personal, there are ways to avoid paying full price and still getting everything you need. If you are just starting your business, your funds may be limited, so making some of the you have to may have to wait. One way you can save money on purchases for your fitness business is by using Groupon Coupons. This website offers deals and discounts from thousands of merchants, year round. Since you are running a business, you may want to check out the deals and coupons from Deluxe, which is

Cost of a Marathon

Money can be as powerful as to limit your running goals. The cost of joining a marathon limits running goals. You want to avoid having your goals bounded by money. Luckily, the cost of joining a marathon is not much. In other words, it is affordable.

You consider a few things when you join a marathon. Think of the entrance fee or registration fee, travel expenses, running gear or equipments, and the training. The total cost will depend on your marathon, and its location. The marathon organizers determine the amount athletes will pay. If you join local or low key marathons, the fee would be about $50-$60. That is fairly little. Major or famous marathon events have a more demanding fee than the local events. In fact, some marathon events require their participants to come up with at least $300.00 for the assigned charity for them before they can gain entry to the particular event.

The location of the chosen marathon event affects the cost as well. Of course, it will mean a lot whether you do a local or international marathon event. With international marathon events you will have to book 2 flights for back and forth. The farther, the

What to Expect During the Cox Sports Marathon

In 2008, I ran the inaugural Cox Sports Marathon in Providence, Rhode Island. If you are ever planning on running, here is what you can expect during the race as you prepare for your marathon.

The Starting Line

The race started about 10 minutes late. The race directors did a pretty good job of making sure everybody knew when (and even why) the race was starting a little late, so nobody should have been caught off guard.

We got treated to the most humorous rendition of the star spangled banner that I have ever heard. The woman who sang it had a beautiful voice and sounded great, except that she got nervous and kept forgetting the words and stopping. Eventually, she just skipped to the end of the song. All of the runners clapped and cheered for her, so I hope that she took it in the honest spirit in which it was offered and wasn’t too embarrassed. When she was singing, she sounded great.

I did not have any problems with the start of the race or with the hill that came within a quarter mile of the start. I rather liked that, actually. I did hear some complaints about the

3 Top Things Every Marathon Trainee Should Know

There are 3 things that every marathon trainee should know. Training for a marathon is hard work that requires a lot of dedication and discipline. People who are serious about training for a marathon should realize that success comes down to generous hydration, guarding against over-training and training in the proper footwear.

Camel packs can help those serious about running a marathon with the first thing that every marathon trainee should know: staying more hydrated than is needed. Camelbak hydration packs are good investments because studies demonstrate that they encourage athletes to drink more water during the course of their physical activity. Another plus with these camel packs is that they are easier to carry around than water bottles.

The second thing that every marathon trainee should know is not to over-train in the last stretch. Working extra hard right before a big marathon race can actually end up being counterproductive. Doing so will hurt a trainee’s race performance when the big moment in the marathon arrives. Trainees who are feeling great are discouraged to implement this feeling by boldly going and training extra hard before a marathon. Experts advise trainees not to increase their training before a marathon because their

Does Your Child Run Funny

Are you one of the thousands of parents in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and around the United States that is concerned about how your child runs or walks? Have you noticed that their feet and ankles turn in or out? Do you question your pediatrician on whether they have “normal” feet? You are not alone. Most childhood foot deformities and abnormal biomechanics are ignored unless they are severe in nature. If your child was born with a severe clubfoot or an obvious rocker bottom flat foot, your pediatrician would have you running to the podiatrist or orthopedist. Why is it that mild to moderate foot and ankle problems are mostly ignored until the child is complaining of pain? Basically, most pediatricians feel the children will “grow out of it”. Sadly, if you take a poll of the millions of Americans with foot problems and realize the magnitude of crippling foot deformities in the United States alone; obviously most people do not “grow out” of their foot problems.

So what kinds of foot and ankle problems should parents look for?

The most common foot problem ignored in children is a flexible flat foot. This can be seen in combination with in

Clues To Comprehend Running Shoes Reviews

Being a new runner you can become overwhelmed with so many different brands. Thankfully there are quite a few good Running Shoes Reviews located online and in magazines. Regardless of the brand, there is some basic information that helps you find the shoe that will keep you on the road.

The construction of running shoes is based on how the foot strikes a surface. When you know how your foot rolls you will have some of the review mystery solved. The word for how the foot strikes a surface is called pronation. A normal strike is when the foot lands first on the outside sole edge. It then rolls inward. When the foot rolls too far inward it is called overpronation. Construction of some footwear is designed to lessen the inward roll.

To find out if your feet overpronate grab a pair of footwear that you have worn for awhile. Put them on a table, toe box away from you, heels facing you, right side up. If you notice the inside soles, at the heels, are tilting inward, you overpronate. There are degrees of overpronation. Severity is measured by how much inside heel is worn away. In general, you will

Running Winter

Working out outside is hard to do in the winter weather. You have to bundle up; try not to put on one layer too many or you may overheat and try not to put on one layer too few or you may freeze. Also if you don’t want to get hit by a sliding car you may want to stay off the road, so where should you run?

We had this problem at the beginning of this winter. We enjoy getting outdoors and working out . Our dog, Quinn, also likes the activity. Quinn needs the exercise, he really likes his dog food. So we attempted running on the road and that was too eventful for us, Quinn decided the whole road was the “side” because it was covered in snow. The cars that drove up behind him did not agree. Since we love our dog we scratched that idea off the list.

We tried working out on our spinning bike and doing indoor circuit training; that was too boring. Always looking at the same thing and breathing non-outdoor air is not our idea of fun. The gym is certainly not our choice place to workout, same deal

Taking the Mystery Out of the Marathon – The Importance of the Training Schedule

Running a marathon can be a very rewarding experience. One of the most important factors to ensuring that you run your best possible race is making sure you set up a good training schedule. Preparing for a marathon takes a lot of time and dedication so it is best to start planning about a year in advance.

If this is your first marathon, the planning will include mentally preparing yourself, getting the okay from your doctor, building up support from friends and family, and most importantly finding a training schedule that will work for you.

Most marathon training schedules require around eighteen weeks in order to be fully prepared. It’s important to have enough time to build up your endurance and running miles slowly so that you don’t suffer from injuries. Having a training schedule that allows you to slowly build up your endurance will give your body time to adapt and adjust at a comfortable pace. However, most schedules are set-up based on the assumption that when you begin you are already relatively fit.

Most will expect that you regularly run three to five times a week and that you can run an average of six miles comfortably. Thus, it

Things You Can Do To Help Keep Your Chiller Running Smooth

If you are running a chiller unit then you want to make sure that it is running at its best. In keeping up with your chiller maintenance you will extend the life of your chiller and also it will help to keep the amount of money to run the unit down. If you let the maintenance of chiller go then it can run into a lot of money to run the chiller also that amount of money that you spend on a chiller you want to make it last as long as you can.

There are things that you can do on a daily basis to make sure that the chiller is running smoothly and cost efficient. One thing that you can do on your own is to keep a daily log of how the unit is running. This is good for a couple of reasons. The first is it gives you a basis of how the chiller normally works and this also good because if something starts to go wrong with the chiller then it will be caught immediately. The sooner you catch the problem whatever the problem may be can get expensive quickly if it is just let

New York City Marathon – Nothing But an NYC Marathon to Complete Your Marathon Experience

The New York City Marathon has won the title of being the major marathon in the world. If you want to take part of this great experience, which equals other large marathons such as the London Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, and the Chicago Marathon, here are all the things you need to know. This site will help you keep track of the schedule, the course, registration details, and what kind of weather to expect. And if you’re a tourist, you’ll also get great recommendations about hotels and what to expect from the Big Apple. And of course, the most important thing this site can do for you is help you train for your ultimate New York Marathon experience.

The Humble Beginnings of the New York City Marathon

Don’t be fooled by the size of the city where it all began. The New York City Marathon did not suddenly pop out of nowhere with the size it has today; the marathon actually started out so small. It doesn’t even win the award of being the first ever marathon, which the Boston Marathon is. But looking at the New York City Marathon now, you won’t see any trace of the small marathon it

Slippery Silicone Antifouling for Sailboat Running Gear

There has been much discussion of late about these revolutionary applications for better antifouling of props, shafts and any under water metal fittings of a sailboat or yacht. There are various products on the market and the latest variations that are worth looking at are silicone based and give a very slippery finish to your running gear.

Everyone is looking for improved product performance and also applications that are environmentally friendly and do not leach or allow toxic chemicals into our oceans.

These products work on the principle of the silicone polymer finish being so slick that all those little guys that want to clamp themselves onto your running gear just cannot get a toehold, fall away again in frustration, leaving your prop, shaft and any other metal skin fittings underwater, clean. We all understand the benefits of clean running gear – no fouling, increased speed of your vessel and the corresponding saving of fuel. In addition, with most of these products we can add the additional benefit of no detrimental effect on the environment.t

Having looked at all these possibilities we decided it was time to do something about it and as the boat was going

Physicians Weight Loss Center Running Weight Loss Food Children

When planning own personal weight loss menu, make sure an individual consuming a balanced and complete diet. You have to set realistic and attainable weight loss diet goals. You should research and plan your weight loss menu before you start. Keep it simple. Don’t get too caught via the specifics or your diet. Make confident you count the calories of your diet.

And that guilt results in another bite, and then another, and before you know it, it’s not a bite, or a slice, however the whole chocolate cake! After all, once you have gone so far, will probably as well go all out, most suitable?

Put your blinders. Stay strong within your program despite what another person says. Don’t watch what your best ally does, do what is right for you abd then your body.

Here’s what happens: A person lose the weight, a mans fuel requirements drop also. As they drop, your body will often respond by lowering your metabolism, effectively making any attempts to further restrict calories a pointless venture.

Con: Annoying in at the receiving end to set Weight Loss. You may find that whenever you blocked the husk and remove center (which many times is

Run Barefoot Or Run With Running Shoes

There has been a lot of attention in media lately to the concept of running barefoot instead of the use of the conventional and expensive running shoe. The entire movement associated with barefoot running is very fanatical about it and make all sorts of extraordinary claims as to the benefits of barefoot running and how evil running shoes are. They widely claim that running shoes are the cause of most of the overuse injuries that runners get. Some of the claims made for barefoot running is that there are less injuries with it; that running efficient improves; and running biomechanics improve; muscle strength improves; and that it is more natural to run this way. You can see many claims about the science that supports the benefits of running barefoot.

However, there is no research that supports any of the claims made. There has been a number of research publications on the difference between barefoot running and running with running shoes and also between rearfoot strikers (usually shod runners) and forefoot strikers (typically the barefoot runner), but tall they did was compare the differences and they did not show which one was better nor which one had less injuries. There is

Marathon Training Program – From The Couch To The Finish Line

NOTE: Before starting any exercise program or sporting activity always consult your Physician, GP or Medical Practitioner.


The marathon is a long-distance endurance foot race with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards) that is usually run as a road race. The marathon was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896, though the distance did not become standardized until the 20th century. More than 500 marathons are held throughout the world each year, with the vast majority of competitors being recreational athletes.

Half Marathon

The half marathon as the name suggests is a long distance endurance foot race that is half the distance of a marathon at 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 mi). In recent years the half-marathon has been reported as the fastest growing type of race.

Marathon Training

The marathon season is soon upon us again and runners everywhere will be developing marathon-training programs aimed at making themselves ready for the race. The whole point of training is to prepare your body, to make sure it is used to the kind of demand that will be placed on it during the race, while ensuring it remains injury free.

The answer to running a successful marathon is ensuring you are

A Marathon Is Longer Than a Marathon

I am not talking about how one should properly train for a marathon by covering multiples of the marathon distance during one’s training season.

And I am not talking about how the official distance of a marathon is longer than 26.2 miles — that it is actually 26.21875 miles long.

No, I am talking about how participating in a marathon can force one to travel more than the official 26.21875 miles from the starting line to the finish line.

Personal experience with a GPS unit worn during a couple of marathons showed that I covered an extra 0.42625 miles on average.

Think about that! It means that I covered on average more than four-tenths of a mile more than I should have in those two marathons!

And my actual average pace in one of those marathons was 14-seconds-per-mile faster than what the organizers reported to me.

I have talked to a few people about this discrepancy, and we all have the same conclusion:

Marathon courses seemed to be laid out such that the shortest possible traversal of them will equal the official marathon distance.

In other words, as long as you stay on the course, you must cut all corners so that your marathon distance will be

Running a Marathon Is a Dream for Many Runners

Motivation and achievement are two very big reasons why you may be considering running a marathon. Although you may run daily, and have achieved good times and distances, there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself further. Finishing a marathon is a huge sense of achievement to know that you have accomplished something fantastic.

Completing a marathon is often described as an inspiring, once in a life-time achievement. You will have new motivations throughout your training and the thought of needing to be at your optimum condition will push you further. You will be more motivated to run and train every day, and although you will still be doing this for pleasure, you will have the ultimate goal to reach.

The mental and physical challenge that you will be experiencing is immense, and you will feel one of the biggest adrenaline rushes as you complete the marathon. You will be able to focus on your overall goal and have something to look forward to in your year. Running is an ideal way to get inside your own head, and spend time thinking and reflecting. Over the distance of a marathon, you can certainly clear your mind, and finish feeling refreshed and full

Some Basics For Your First Marathon

There are a lot of very basic things that many people overlook when preparing for their first marathon.  Here are a few to chew on.

Runners agree that it is great if you can run your first marathon course, or at least the last few miles.  However, that isn’t always realistic.  The marathon course may be far away, or it might be a high traffic area that is not normally conducive to running.  If your first marathon is far away, then learn as much as you can about it.  See if there are comparisons to any marathon courses that are near you.  If there aren’t, then look for stories written by people who have run the course of your first marathon.  Gather all the information you can about your first marathon course, so there are no surprises.  Now, if you can at least walk your first marathon course, then that is GREAT.  You’ll be able to really get a feel of where you will be running and what to watch out for along the way.  You want to be comfortable with your surroundings when you are running your first marathon, so learn as much as you can about the course.